Why is the last triathlon so long?

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User Info: RedRaven80

3 years ago#1
Took me 29 minutes to complete.
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User Info: Erik_P

3 years ago#2
Damn you're slow at button mashing.
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Final Fantasy2389 3 years ago#3
Erik_P posted...
Damn you're slow at button mashing.

The record I saw when I did it was 23 minutes. That's still at least 13 minutes longer than it needs to be.
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User Info: BustaClownShoes

3 years ago#4
Oh, I don't know, maybe to make it more like a Triathalon?

User Info: orangenee

3 years ago#5
BustaClownShoes posted...
Oh, I don't know, maybe to make it more like a Triathalon?

Which would be fine if the game was a Triathlon simulator. It isn't though.

Tapping a button for 20 - 30 minutes is not fun. Especially when a random event ****s you over near the end.
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User Info: 3CDED

3 years ago#6
good you finished a 30 min triathlon. now go do the Le Mans 24 hours.
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User Info: desi_shinobi

3 years ago#7
28 minutes for me, that was way too long for me anyway. THANK ****!!!!!!! I finished and won first time because there would be no ****ing way that I'd do that all over again.
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User Info: gspot0909

3 years ago#8
My thumb almost died on this. I literally paused it twice to recover.
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User Info: TheRedDash

3 years ago#9
Plug in your NES max...
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User Info: Webstedge

3 years ago#10
I don't get this complaint. If you think it's too long don't do it. It was put there for the people who actually want to tap A really fast to run across san andreas.
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