Oh Dr. Freidlander *spoilers*

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User Info: ptreemf12

3 years ago#21
Klowd19 posted...
He got in his car and sped off. I grabbed a car and started chasing him down, but as he took the freeway offramp another car pulled in front of me at the last second. I slammed into this guy and it caused my car to swerve toward the freeway tunnel. Traffic was so heavy that by the time I got back on track, Friedlander had reached the point of the game deciding I had let him go.

Then it autosaved.

Exact same thing happened to me XD
Every dang time...

User Info: DarkLordMorsul

3 years ago#22
wait.... you can kill him?
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User Info: VincentVega13

3 years ago#23
Someone warned me what he was going to do so I "borrowed" a Feltzer just before I went in. I chased him for a while before gunning him down with the AP pistol, then he slumped over the gas pedal and shot off in reverse until he crashed into a building. Turns out during the chase I shot out his gas tank and the fuel somehow caught fire. Was a satisfying asplosion.
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