Which game is just straight up more FUN - GTA V or GTA: SA?

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User Info: dhawk52

3 years ago#31
I prefer V!
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User Info: LordNemesis420

3 years ago#32
SR2 was fun, but I wasn't interested in playing it through a second time versus the 3 times I played through SA.

In regards to SA vs V, this is a tough call.

I'm really enjoying the online play, but since I've completed the SP mode, I haven't had the urge to go back, except to check out some of the oddities and myths I've been reading about.

I think V is probably the better game overall, but I really liked SA and there are things in SA I really wish were included in V

- San Fierro and Las Venturas: The V map is pretty good, but there is a lot of wasted space between the mountains and underwater detail. These areas just don't get used much. Including the other 2 cities (and maybe growing the map) would have been awesome and definitely gotten more use.

- Working Casino: Still hoping this happens as DLC

- Flame Throwers: I can't believe this wasn't included. Maybe in DLC?

I could keep going, but you can see I just miss some of the stuff from SA. When V was first announced as the return to San Andreas, I was really hoping for the return of all 3 cities. I'm still loving V, but they really need to release some SP DLC already
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User Info: zeitgeist89

3 years ago#33
I definitely understand not being able to go back after V, having tried to do so myself. I played the hell out of SA back in the day, but V is just this whole other thing that makes it impossible to look at SA the same way.
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User Info: Webstedge

3 years ago#34
GTA 5 based on the physics alone
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User Info: Bull77

3 years ago#35
baueris24 posted...
GTA V is way more fun and possibly the best game in the series. GTA San Andreas is highly overrated. The first time I played 3 and Vice City, I was amazed. They were fun games. So when I heard SA was coming out, I preordered it and got it launch week. When I actually got to play it, I was greatly disappointed. San Andreas is one of my least favorite games in the series.

I have the same taste as this guy
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