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3 years ago#1
this would be for both story mode and online

Casino Pack
- 10-15 new missions (including heist)
- horse racing and gambling
- new clothing and accessories including (cowboy boots, Indian headdress, bolo tie, etc)
- new weapons (hatchet, .44 magnum, double barrel shotgun)
- new hairstyles (Mohawk, Indian braid, etc)
- new vehicles

Zancudo/Bolingbroke Pack
- 10-15 missions (including a prison breakout and Zancudo chase)
- prison deliveries (deliver goods to inmates)
- new clothing and accessories including (dog tags, inmate outfit, Anonymous mask, giant gold rope chains, bowler hat, etc)
- new weapons (shiv, garrote wire, Thompson machine gun, M-1 grand, etc)
- new hairstyles (long dreads, high and tight, etc)
- new vehicles

Rockstar Pack (this pack is more of a fan service)
- 15-25 missions (online only)
- new clothing and accessories (Claude's jacket, Marston's poncho, Warriors vest, Vercetti shirt, Hopkins outfit, bandana's around mouth, etc)
- ability to ride a skateboard
- new weapons (nailgun, blackjack, rope, dual wield pistols, etc)
- ability to accept missions from: James Earl Cash and Max Payne
- new hairstyles (Furies facepaint, Luther's hair, Payne's beard, etc.)

just some ideas.
Quoth The Raven Nevermore
3 years ago#2
North Yankton pack (story-only)
- 10-20 new missions (Michael and Trevor based)
- 5-7 new radio stations (metal, jazz, etc)
- new weapons (shovel)
Quoth The Raven Nevermore
3 years ago#3
Works for me. A few really nice ideas in there. Good job. I especially want to go to North Yankton whenever I feel like it.

Mine in Single Player:

-Multiple properties to own and live in at the same time and customize including houses, mansions, apartments, trailers.
Let us own Devin's mansion!
-Multiple garage ownership so we can own more cars.

Hang Gliding
Drug Trafficking
Car Theft Lists/Missions for all three protags
Debt Collection (Find and collect money from NPCs using any means and sometimes mission-specific means)

Bow & Arrows and/or Crossbow & Bolts

I'll think of a million things later...lol.
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3 years ago#4
I'd actually get these if I could. They seem interesting.
Here are my ideas:

Bank Heists DLC
- More clothes (More masks, tuxedos for each character, watches and other fancy clothes, more outfits.)
- More assault rifles
- 20 Missions, including heists.

Reclaim Grove Street! DLC
- 4-5 Missions for Franklin
- More weapons to get in touch with Franklin's more gangsta side.
- A new safehouse for Frank.
- More cars available on SSASA.
- Has more clothes for all characters as if they were gangster (Classic Gangster for Michael, Lost Biker for Trevor, Chamberlain Hills for Franklin.)

Military Assault DLC
- 10 Missions, one being a full fledged raid on Fort Zancudo.
- More clothes at Ammu-nation.
- Military outfits
- A extra rampage for Trevor that has him wear the same suit as shown in The Paleto Score.
- More weapons, like a Hacksaw and a heat-seeking rocket launcher.
- More armour types.
- More Military vehicles.

Pirate Pack DLC
- New weapons (Blunderbuss, Cutlass)
- More vehicles.
- Gives the characters Pirate-themed clothes, tattoos, and hairstyles.

The Attack On Los Santos!
- Can be its stand-alone content, as with Undead Nightmare.
- 20-25 missions featuring Michael, Franklin and Trevor trying to stop a bunch of aliens from taking over Los Santos.
- Costumes (Like a bigfoot one, or a ninja one.)
- Different ways to finish a mission and multiple endings, and allowing players a NG+ option.
- Alien-like weapons.
- Unlock a secret by finding UFO's!
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3 years ago#5
First they should bring some stuff over from the online. 10 car garages, Mors Mutual Insurance and the mechanic delivery service, back button menu with quick gps and inventory, and we should be able to buy at least one of the apartments in addition to the safe houses.
3 years ago#6
cifer520 posted...
First they should bring some stuff over from the online. 10 car garages, Mors Mutual Insurance and the mechanic delivery service, back button menu with quick gps and inventory, and we should be able to buy at least one of the apartments in addition to the safe houses.

I agree with this, but would like to add and emphasize HANDCUFFS or zipties or something of the sort.
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3 years ago#7
Zombies. Or dinosaurs.... OR ZOMBIE DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!
3 years ago#8
krazykiwikid posted...
Zombies. Or dinosaurs.... OR ZOMBIE DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!


I'd like to play DayZ on consoles.
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3 years ago#9
1. High Roller Heists Pack:

20 New Missions, includeding a Casino heist, and a smaller Bank Job heist.

Fully Interactive Casino With Games:

Horse Race Betting

Horses (RDR Styled riding, can be raced as well)

10 Car Garages for each of the Protagonists, Car Insurance from online as well

New Vehicles (High End cars mainly, new parts in LSC, New Cars on the Websites both from the DLC and the base game)

New Clothes (Cowboy hats, Tuxedo’s, new Masks, Heist related costumes)

New Weapons: .44 Mag Revolver, Lever Action Shotgun w/Flip Cocking reload animation, Compound Bow, Butterfly Knife

2. Military hardware Pack:

10-15 New Missions involving a Prison Break as well as a Heist on for Zancudo

EOD Bomb Disposal Suit now available for Free roam (Unlocked after a Rampage as Trevor, available at each Protagonists safe house, can be removed at any time in Free roam, not able to use cars while in it)

New Vehicles: VTOL Fighter (Hydra) Hunter (like the one seen on one of the movie previews in game) Humvee based Patriot, Cargo Plane regularly available at Fort Zancudo, APC (used by NOOSE), Regularly Spawning Unmarked patrol Cars, annihilator helicopter. All available on the Cache and Carry website, also the Laser will be on the site as well now.

New Weapons: Bull Pup SMG .50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun (both mounted on a patriot and available for slow moving carrying action like the Minigun) Anti Armor Rocket Launcher (Basically locks onto Vehicles, pretty much a Javelin) Army Spec Pump Action Shotgun (Spas-12)

New Mini Missions: Vigilante Missions, Paramilitary Vigilante Missions (Vigilante Missions are pretty basic, dress as a patrol officer stopping standard crime Paramilitary you dress as if you’re in the Army and go out stopping bigger crimes) Handcuffs included in the Vigilante Missions. There’d also be an old school version where you’re in your normal outfit killing other criminals but being in one of the outfits make it so the cops won’t interfere with your vigilante streak as often.

New Clothes: Army Outfit, Prison Jump Suit, assorted new clothes available at each of the stores for the Protagonists, Police Officer Uniform

(To Be continued I had to break it into two)
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3 years ago#10
3. Hostile Takeover Pack:

Missions: Five or so Missions for each protagonist. Basically they involve taking over the businesses listed for Each protag, a cheaper pack than the last two I listed.

New Businesses:
-Trevor: Drug Manufacturing farm
-Franklin: Premium Deluxe Motorsport
-Michael: Richard's Majestic

New Mini Missions:
-Trevor: Drug Distribution (go to drug deals, steal rival dealer's stashes, bust up drug deals and take the money from each side much like Drug wars in TBoGT just more in depth, and it dosen't allways turn out to be a s*** storm lol)
-Franklin: Car Import/Export (Get the cars on the list, geting them makes them available to purchase at PDM for each protag like the crane in San Fierro in San Andreas, you then can sell anything at PDM after that Franklin gets a price bonus on them being the owner)
-Michael: Stunt Man (Do various stunts for the movies you're making at the theater, from driving to sky diving to shoot outs)

New Vehicles: Cartell Crusier (Available at the Drug Farm) Super GT (Now based on the Aston Martin One-77, available at PDM) Deluxo (Available at PDM, though at Richards Majestic there's one based off of a Certain Time Vehicle that spawns)

New Vehicle Mods: JB700 Conversion (Makes the Weapons functional on the JB700) Ejector Seats (can be reloaded at any LSC) Nitrous

New Weapons: Desert Eagle, Pipe Wrench.

New Outfits:
Trevor: TP Enterprises Biker outfit (A Lost MC outfit with the Lost name painted over with TP Enterprises, and some profane graffiti over the Lost MC Patch)
Franklin: Business Man Suit
Michael: Associate Producer Atire (Shades, a spiffy Black Suit, and Nice Leather Shoes)

4. III Era Nostalgia Pack:

New Clothes:
Michael: Tommy Vercitti's Outfit, Donald Love's Suit (III), Ken Rosenburg's Suit (SA)
Trevor: Claude Speed's Outfit, Truth's Outfit, Avery Outfit
Franklin: CJ's Outfit, 8-Ball's Outfit, Lance Vance's Suit

New Vehicles: Greenwood, Cheetah (VC Version), Love Fist Limo, Hotring Racer, Savanna, Idaho, Balista Compact (based on IV Version but still it was 90% the same anyways) Elegy (SA Version) VC Stinger. Jetpack

New Vehicle Mods-Hydralics

New Weapons: Chainsaw, Katana, Classic Wood Grain AK-47, Molotov, Screwdriver, Bat, Shovel

New Mini Missions: Paramedic, Fire Fighter (Comeplete and you get said outfits)

New Strangers and Freaks: Supriseingly close to Nostalgic situations such as geting a Jetpack out of fort Zancudo...
They wondered if I had anger issues, so I demonstated that I did.
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