Took this one chick to the Altruist Cult for the first time (spoilers)

#1Paper_Mario_4Posted 3/22/2014 3:54:35 PM
Lol, so messed up. I drove this one chick who was on the phone with her jealous boyfriend who bought this sl** all kinds of stuff and gave her $1,000 dollars. She was such a dumb female so I figured what the hell let's send her to this club. LOL I didn't know it was some kind of cannibal freak cult full of naked men in their 50s and 60s. The funniest part was I received $1,000 for the woman and Trevor wasn't phased at all; like her life was well worth that chump change he made. Makes sense though considering Trevor kills entire gangs and armies by himself and doesn't seem to care. Only people he shows a little respect to is Lester and Mike. Frank too but not as much respect for him as Lester and Mike. Anybody else is basically treated like a house fly by T.

Crazy game.
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If you bring 2 more people there, you'll have to kill them all and then you can collect $100k, as wells as body armour, weapons and ammo they have stashed there.

Also that chick wouldn't have paid you anyway, and her boyfriend attacks you so you made the right choice.

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That b**** reminds me of my ex. She's not even worth the 1k you get.
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Wilmore99 posted...
That b**** reminds me of my ex. She's not even worth the 1k you get.

It was definitely the right decision for me to take her to the cult. I felt kind of bad taking this one dude who wanted to play golf with his "boys" at the country club though...I also took this one drunk couple there because they kept on trying to have sex in Trevor's truck. Twas annoying so I sent them to the cannibals up North. Then I killed them all.