5 simple things that could've make this game more enjoyable

#31ggj1987Posted 7/17/2014 2:33:25 PM
ggj1987 posted...
1. Less annoying cops (catch-up with police cars especially)
2. Ability to change default vehicle
3. Ability to repair and clean emergency vehicles somewhere
4. Health and armor like in GTA IV, in V they're way too weak
5. Characters that don't die that quickly. For example: You crash into something, the character flies out through the windshield and dies mid-air

6. All cars should have a 3rd brake light. Cars have them IRL and I think that it would make the game and cars look a little bit more realistic.
7. Reverse lights should stay on when the vehicle is driving backwards. When you hit the left trigger (brake/reverse) the car backs up with the reverse lights on but when you release the trigger the car is still backing up but without the reverse lights! Again, I think that if they 'fix' this it would make cars look a little bit more realistic.