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I really don't understand how the car damage system works. (Archived)
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Microtransactions ARE ruining the game. (Archived)
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Being able to watch other players on TV is awesome (Archived)B4TT3RY310/4/2013
The voice of the DJ in the pop station is like ear candy. (Archived)
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R*: Life After GTA5 (Archived)
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I have no missions other than Lester's first assassination, can't progress story (Archived)deadlyforceman310/4/2013
How much longer... (Possible Spoilers) (Archived)Ace_of_Dusk210/4/2013
Need help usb drive and GTA V (Archived)DTxx410/4/2013
About the ridiculous ending option in GTA 5 (minor spoilers) (Archived)
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is there a payout guide anywhere? for SP heists (Archived)Nafzger910/4/2013
Possible progress stuck glitch *spoilers* (Archived)EngelHarlequin210/4/2013
U drive YOUR car & a mission forces u into another car where does ur car go (Archived)symach1010/4/2013
numbers on the switch characters menu but no missions available on the map (Archived)ace_killa410/4/2013
Update planned for tomorrow (Archived)
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this game needs gambling, other than the stock markets (Archived)fuzzdaman810/4/2013
How to unshare tracks from the social club? (Archived)Dead4Live610/4/2013
so we have to 100% missions in one go (Archived)strightedgeemo1010/4/2013
Can anyone from L.A. tell me... (Archived)UnCool_Head210/4/2013
Rickie wont call me. (Archived)K1iv9P3ov1zZ410/4/2013
Everyone is complaining about multiplayer, but I want to know about easter eggs! (Archived)Maverickneo610/4/2013
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