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After you have sex with a hooker, do you kill them and get your money back? (Archived)Boombam99610/3/2013
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All the talk about DLC. How about a prison break DLC (Archived)KrayzieBone7771010/3/2013
The online mechanic should be able to pick up vehicles as well. (Archived)Gnarly_B210/3/2013
Seems like alot of buildings are closed for expansions? (Archived)MASKOAAA510/3/2013
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Any places on the map where I can get a good street racing motorcycle? (Archived)Andronicus87210/3/2013
Anyone interested in joining a crew? (Archived)darealscarface210/3/2013
Police Website? (Archived)afrodude77210/3/2013
Is there any way to set a default radio station? (Archived)definatural310/3/2013
I actually really like the 'Worldwide' radio station. (Archived)
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What is the Best Motorcycle? (Archived)Andronicus87910/3/2013
Crew Emblem not showing up (Archived)rengokum210/3/2013
Greatest triple A online launch? (Archived)ioteh_shingo210/3/2013
So who here has taken the San Andreas DMV online test? (Poll)JRDeBo510/3/2013
How do i view my checklist in single player now? (Archived)ifihadaninja410/3/2013
We all know Obama is shutting the government down to play GTA:O all day tomorrow (Archived)
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stock market help / lesters missions ? (Archived)magiceddie05110/3/2013
What exactly does it take to unlock Franklin's house? (Archived)ekstrj410/3/2013