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Roleplay Franklin as a gangbanger and start a war between CGF and Ballas! (Archived)iPr0kkaFTW89/30 11:01AM
Trevor needs hugs bad :( *Major Spoilers* (Archived)
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Epsilon Tracts (possible spoilers for some) (Archived)jdcflexx200549/30 10:46AM
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R* are hypocrites. (Archived)
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This is one thing i will never even attempt in game. (Poll)
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one thing snts row 4 does better then gta5 (Archived)
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ITT: We post how much money we had when we finished the game (Archived)
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Los Santos Customs ignition bomb and remote detonation bomb. (Archived)CL6099/30 10:38AM
Favorite Muscle Car? (Poll)
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GTA Online start time, anyone know yet? (Archived)
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what time will GTA Online go up? (Archived)xVSaNx89/30 10:31AM
So I tricked out my car as michael and went to grove street (Archived)Webstedge19/30 10:30AM
THANK YOU, Hawk & Little (Archived)theandy200019/30 10:28AM
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