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Just bought 90 mill in pibwasser (Archived)FinzFan4life109/30/2013
Time of update and other info (Archived)riddlebox1319/30/2013
Best car for going through obstructions and other cars and keep going (Archived)BigRobb238919/30/2013
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Trevor forcefully moves into your home. What do you do? (Archived)
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Cool thing with assault shotgun that happened to me (Archived)wowcailis79/30/2013
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How do I create a NEW save file/game for my brother? (Archived)
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The dudes in this games are jerks (Archived)Twiznoy39/30/2013
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Gamertags for Gta Online Tonight (Archived)
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Looking for a crew to start with tomorrow, or later tonight if it goes online (Archived)Blonde_Monster29/30/2013
So I just got a USB flash drive, can I simply move the install disk data to it? (Archived)TheStealthMan39/30/2013
question about gta online (Archived)KBlack259569/30/2013
What's up with the BAWSAQ? (Archived)pothocket59/30/2013
Maybe the future DLCs will feature the Grove Street members coming back? (Archived)MrMonkhouse19/30/2013
how do i make money from the stock market. no assassination missions (Archived)rengokum109/30/2013
POLL: Best Grand Theft Auto Game (Poll)
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