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Since Trevor is Trisexual, Do you think he has feelings for Michael? If not who? (Archived)
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Who would u rather have intimate relations with, Amanda or Mary-Ann? (Poll)
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Thinking of making a kifflom Group for GTA V Online. (Archived)
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Michael's Shrink (no spoilers) (Archived)Flash-Incentive79/30/2013
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Cargobob is the best thing ever. Pick up random cars on the street then drop em (Archived)
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Your favorite Trevor moment. (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) (Archived)
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WTF Franklin man. Come on son! ***Close to end game F mission spoilers*** (Archived)calinks49/30/2013
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After my near two decades of gaming I've realized something about fellow gamers. (Archived)
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Why isn't talk radio always available? (Archived)SPAMMANDELUXE49/30/2013
Collector's edition motorcycle doesn't count as a motorcycle??? (Archived)ssdude200449/30/2013
They condone people getting HIGH on pot. (Archived)
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Next mission after breach of contract? (Archived)shadowlucas2759/30/2013
People who have invested in Pibwasser stock what now (Archived)
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