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Display Configuration everytime I load GTA (Archived)SmithyDBZ15/8 9:50AM
Franklins Extra Garage (Archived)Attica75/7 1:16PM
GTA 5 installation problem (Archived)heyumf35/5 3:59PM
70 gold medals achieved! (Archived)AmazingDany35/4 8:22PM
How do you fly the hydra (Archived)Splatulated55/4 5:14AM
Top speed in story mode with Franklin's Ability (Archived)snakeajj135/3 7:04PM
Seriously at this point im ready to break this trash with a hammer (Archived)MrSunbro75/3 5:01PM
If I don't like this game, will I like Mr. Driller? (Archived)Snazzybat25/3 3:09PM
Franklin looks identical to Andre Bishop from Fight Night Champion (Archived)IAMGIYGAS15/3 2:57AM
two ideas for future dlc (Archived)ShmexySam30015/2 8:27AM
Does this game require you to have Xbox Live to Autosave? (Archived)SutebenuSanV224/29 6:50PM
What would happen if I do this with my 2nd character on GTA online? (Archived)thablueprint78624/29 2:11PM
Did you use a guide for the collectibles? (Archived)spemsha64/28 11:49PM
FOV has changed? Or am I just now seeing it... (Archived)mitch031034/27 9:44PM
Do a third playthrough or wait ? (Archived)SILENTGHOSTS9624/27 3:10PM
Is there any point to keeping Chop happy on iFruit when you aren't playing? (Archived)ZylozesTheGreat54/27 6:33AM
So if I want to go for 100% completion... (Archived)ULT1MA24/26 6:19PM
Updates not downloading? (Archived)gamer303224/25 5:53PM
Need a crew (Archived)D4RkLeGeND524/24 9:33AM
Hey guys! Question about my PC? (Archived)camren1264/23 9:35PM
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