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"Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil" Easter Egg (slight spoilers) (Archived)Trav9769/29/2013
Are there any side missions of infinite quanity? (Archived)Buddy_Dacote79/29/2013
My original impressions of Franklin from trailers (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) (Archived)Ferrari_Carr49/29/2013
Tony danza extravaganza. Who is ready to take things to the max? (Archived)
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How do you detornate stick bombs? (Archived)cfcman59/29/2013
What is the orange skull? (Archived)
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What was this game's Three Leaf Clover? obviously spoilers (Archived)Ecotron89/29/2013
hitch-hikers are so annoying (Archived)invictius59/29/2013
Sidetracked mission remind anyone of surgeon simulator? (Archived)joey_real_world29/29/2013
Heist question *SPOILER* (Archived)Pr3dat0r2339/29/2013
Ammu-nation email? (Archived)thepowersin229/29/2013
toddler and baby npc's or = no buy (Archived)tiosuke79/29/2013
You have got to be kidding me.... (police related) (Archived)XT3M329/29/2013
I'm kind of glad what happened to the bikers (Archived)MasterMoron79/29/2013
Thoughts on Character Development (spoilers) (Archived)stuntwill79/29/2013
Parachute cheat. Game froze. Lost everything! (Archived)Auryn_69/29/2013
WTF? Is the game box supposed to be in Spanish? (Archived)Dead4Live69/29/2013
Which ending is canon? (Massive spoilers obviously) (Poll)aj4x9429/29/2013
Mayne I'm just older but...the sattire... (Archived)
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Dragon Nexus139/29/2013
So if I break Line of Sight and switch cars I don't lose the wanted stars? (Archived)
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