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WTF? Is the game box supposed to be in Spanish? (Archived)Dead4Live69/29/2013
Which ending is canon? (Massive spoilers obviously) (Poll)aj4x9429/29/2013
Mayne I'm just older but...the sattire... (Archived)
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Dragon Nexus139/29/2013
So if I break Line of Sight and switch cars I don't lose the wanted stars? (Archived)
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A pedestrian sabotaged the third triathlon. (Archived)Dunmer99939/29/2013
For some reason I think it's funny that put that awful don johnson song in the (Archived)
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So, with the BAWSAQ being online, and people affecting it... (Archived)VanDam59/29/2013
Where can I find the leaderboards at? (Archived)pothocket19/29/2013
Is anyone else's crosshair too small? (Archived)
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Wait, is there another Princess Robot Bubblegum episode? (Archived)Crystal_Dream59/29/2013
GTA 4 is better, there I've said it!!! (Archived)
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TP Industries arms race achievement (Archived)iOnEsHoT89/29/2013
dlc pack id like to see (Archived)
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AAAGH! Fort Zancudo! (Archived)
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Epsilon asked for $10,000, gave it to them but... (Archived)Mcnugget225649/29/2013
Construction finished by Oct 1, possible new safehouses for GTA Online? (Archived)
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Are there different car "classes" assigned by the game? (Archived)
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Crazy death that You've had that your not sure really happened (Archived)Macdaddyruss199/29/2013
When do we opt out of Pi/3wasser ?? (Archived)HELLWOLF0649/29/2013
How do you attach sticky bombs to stuff? (Archived)
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