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Can you complete the game without doing the strangers and freaks missions?ngoode79/29/2013
Disgusting violence against US Americans-- why is this acceptable?
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How do i save planes in my hangar?shadowlucas2769/29/2013
So I invested in Tinkle...because some guy on the game recommended too..Arumat_Tamura49/29/2013
Anyone done this yet Spoilersleghostbuster29/29/2013
Why can't you shave Trevor's head
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
unable to control chop = missed opportunityanimalswillrule59/29/2013
video V games that do things better than GTA 5Dracula_basic59/29/2013
Where does this rank among all the other GTA games?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
I found this amusinginvictius19/29/2013
tinkle stock is it online bawsaq or lcnfamos_ga29/29/2013
Michael's Epsilon mission not appearing?Anubisrich19/29/2013
so wait, the 'shed' is just the tram station?Trigg3rH4ppy49/29/2013
Where is the LS Customs Franklin can purchase?ecureuil29/29/2013
Peer based or dedicateds servers?MUD VIPER99/29/2013
HAL or pisswasser?gsnake00759/29/2013
"Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil" Easter Egg (slight spoilers)Trav9769/29/2013
Are there any side missions of infinite quanity?Buddy_Dacote79/29/2013
My original impressions of Franklin from trailers (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)Ferrari_Carr49/29/2013
Tony danza extravaganza. Who is ready to take things to the max?
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