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Any ideas what sort of customization we can do on GTA Online? (Archived)king_gimpy19/29/2013
Can't change shoes? (Archived)Cosmic Mayhem69/29/2013
Is it just me or do police get more agressive the more you play missions? (Archived)16bitweapon49/29/2013
Do you ever actually pick a response? (Archived)eratas12359/29/2013
So using the scope on the SMG makes the character use the folding stock (Archived)mac_O_cheese29/29/2013
Are the end game psych evaluations random? (Archived)ikancu69/29/2013
Mugging scenarios: Ever worthwhile returning to victim? (Archived)
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Any idea why only the map comes up? *maybe small spoilers* (Archived)bigroc1030449/29/2013
This is a fantastic game. Now I'm going to nitpick the crap out of it. SPOILERS (Archived)
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"The Wrap Up" cutscene pop-in (Archived)LazyDave119/29/2013
GTA Car Question (Archived)IvIe12CiL3SS49/29/2013
Anybody else hear a pedestrian yell "Look me in the eye!" every time they play? (Archived)HotshotDougB29/29/2013
Press right to take money. (Archived)shm0ko39/29/2013
Marina slip (Archived)arcae10139/29/2013
Grand Theft Auto VI (Archived)KarateKittyKill59/29/2013
Question about getting the advanced rifle early. (spoilers) (Archived)hump3rdnk69/29/2013
Just found a security van, can I work the stock market by destroying it? (Archived)MachoManSavage39/29/2013
Franklin's green motocycle (Archived)Konstrix49/29/2013
Helicopter Tips (Archived)RedRaven8099/29/2013
how to get this alien part? (Archived)Luke from USS49/29/2013
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