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Guys it IS possible to rob any store. (Archived)
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this might be the first game i legitimately want DLC for (Archived)demigodxsero19/28 9:52AM
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So they take all the best features form past GTA's, but yet.. (Archived)
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A sea plane in this game would have been brilliant (Archived)james219/28 9:35AM
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Is this really bigger than San Andreas? (Archived)
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I didn't wait until the game was over to do the second assassinaiton mission. (Archived)
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Where is the Los Santos Hangar? (Archived)Visibility39/28 9:26AM
That last Triathlon is bulls***. (Archived)
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For those who completed story mode missions.. (spoilers) (Archived)aIrMaX9569/28 9:24AM
I wish you could play the games at the arcade (Archived)TheIncision89/28 9:18AM
The proper way to instal GTA V. (Archived)Nyangasm39/28 9:16AM
Switch to Michael. He says goodbye to his wife after lunch... (Archived)DarkECOJak79/28 9:13AM
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