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If you use a cheat, can you ever turn it back off? (Archived)InsomniaGoddess69/28/2013
Hilarious GTA glitches (Archived)Second_Hokage29/28/2013
I know its been said before, but I have to say it again... Those stunt jumps are (Archived)
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Crimson Phantom189/28/2013
Of course Trevor is the best GTA character ever. He's Canadian. (Archived)
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I'm a little bored of the soundtrack already (Archived)thedeparted94109/28/2013
Nervous Ron...I hate this mission now. *Possible Spoilers?* (Archived)Imarube29/28/2013
Deathwish option (spoilers) (Archived)willytracks179/28/2013
Ant clues on the knife fights? (Archived)Spinalsniper79/28/2013
Sluggish frame rate with submarine (Archived)jeffo244859/28/2013
Help me predict the list of places to rob on GTAO. (Archived)UnCool_Head49/28/2013
The wow factor (Archived)jeffo244869/28/2013
Let's be scooter brothers! (Archived)AYB188249/28/2013
Franklin mission question after the end of the game (no spoilers) (Archived)evildeaduser59/28/2013
Why isn't Franklin allowed to play tennis? (Archived)
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Hush Mush? (Archived)GruffyMcGuiness39/28/2013
GOD $%&* you rockstar! (Archived)
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Do you lose aircraft you own if they are destroyed? (Archived)shadowlucas2779/28/2013
Can some one explain my port to me please i odnt know whats going on with it ... (Archived)HELLWOLF0619/28/2013
Seriously that's it? ENDING SPOILERS. (Archived)CatholicPriest799/28/2013
The first few things you will do online? (Archived)
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