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Anyone have this happen? *spoiler for mission for Nigel* (Archived)Roook3519/28/2013
So, the police... (Archived)
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Download someone elses save? (Archived)alaskagraves19/28/2013
So I really hope some kind of Law Enforcement option is available for GTAO. (Archived)Massiv3_Crabs109/28/2013
GTA should have big rig missions (Archived)
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Does anyone else miss the mission difficulty from previous games? (Archived)
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Sometimes it seems like this game is so backwards I'm glad I bought the guide (Archived)Dracula_basic99/28/2013
Gun running missions not showing up? (Archived)Possum_Skull39/28/2013
Wont be on again till tuesday (Archived)
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Holy ****, these stunt jumps are so ridiculous.. (Archived)Visibility19/28/2013
Are there multiple endings? (Huge Spoilers) (Archived)Marcx62949/28/2013
Why giveth then taketh away? (Archived)budmint229/28/2013
Only 49.93^ after first stock mission? (Archived)
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Police spawning needs to be tweeked (Archived)Seminole42589/28/2013
How long did it take you from start to 100% completion? (Archived)HF9219/28/2013
Are there police, ambulance, and firetruck missions? (Archived)Swan362469/28/2013
spawn location for coil? (Archived)monkmith49/28/2013
anyone here defend R* for taking out crouch? (Archived)
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Minor annoyance in an otherwise amazing experience!! (Archived)JMoney3851179109/28/2013
I don't think I have ever been as disappointed with the game as I am now. (Archived)ImThe8thWonder79/28/2013