just got this game today

#1kingbongbundyPosted 3/4/2012 1:58:00 PM
best $1 i ever spent in gaming....definatly well worth the purchase

i got one little question though. i know in the official rules of checkers when your presented a situation where you can take your opponents peice you have to take it and all..... but i was wondering if you can play without that rule and move whatever peice you want ?
#2Arucard05Posted 3/6/2012 4:59:54 AM
I do not believe there is any such option. That's Checkers my friend!

Definitely agree it's the best deal in gaming though.
You should play BloodyCheckers.
#3mistamavePosted 3/6/2012 10:40:00 AM
I got this today as well. Great game, even better price.
After about an hour of playing I received a party invite and dismissed as I didn't know the tag. I then got a voice message from the same tag.
It was from Kilroy, thanking me for buying it and to shoot him a message if I need any help.
Nice touch.

I am fully aware that the bird is indeed, the word
#4kingbongbundy(Topic Creator)Posted 3/10/2012 1:11:33 PM
iyeah the changing the rules thing is no big deal, i was just curious. i guess i could see why changing the rule wasnt an option, it could probably be exploited by people to make their leaderboard ranks look better or something

and yeah i got some people in my lobby on my 1st day too. i didnt really join up with them though because i was new and didnt know what i was doing yet lol
#5kilroyfxPosted 3/15/2012 12:58:57 PM
Hi !! Thanks for the awesome support, and if you guys need some treasure or hints let me know, join my lobby !!
Developer of BloodyCheckers
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