So did this game plateau?

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4 years ago#1
This board seems pretty dead, as do all the other BC topics in the 360 board... especially after BloodyCastle went bust. So anything new on the horizon? Or should I just play every now and then to hammer Killroy for some easy loot?
4 years ago#2
Nope, it didn't plateau at all. Right now more people than ever are playing "Bloodycheckers" I had the biggest month ever in March !!

Also, because of the success of BC I have been working ahead on BloodyCastle, even though the name may change. So, I am 2 weeks into the new game and also processing the winners of the contest.

So, on my side things have been very busy !!
Developer of BloodyCheckers
4 years ago#3
Well that's good. Glad your not dead in the water or stagnating like some other indie developers... good luck on your future endeavors Killroy!
4 years ago#4

and every month more and more gamers are downloading and playing this game, its been crazy :)
Developer of BloodyCheckers
4 years ago#5
Cool Kilroy! I was getting a little worried and sad because it seemed like you disappeared for a while. I'm glad you're still working.

I think this board is hard to find because it is 1 word so when people search "bloody checkers" it doesn't come up.

I know when I first found this game I type bloody checkers instead of bloodycheckers and Gamefaqs said "No results" I was like "hmm, odd, I guess the game has no board."

Kilroy, some game company will hire you soon I'm sure, you're good.
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