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User Info: kmania77

5 years ago#1
For apartments :D

Any good/funny ideas?
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User Info: light_rock_zz

5 years ago#2
You can read the Tiny Tower wiki; it gives you good tips for apartment naming.

User Info: Passiko

5 years ago#3
Ive been trying to rename everything Warcraft wise. All of my apartments are named after warcraft cities such as Stormwind and Ironforge. Its a lot harder coming up with names for warcraft buissness though. Ive got mage wear and hunters gear and such, but i cant think of names for restaurants and a few other places.

User Info: iknoweverything

5 years ago#4
I have a floor for registered sex offenders. I gave everyone a mustache.
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User Info: Krillinish_v2

5 years ago#5
I used to make funny apartment names but when I started getting 100 floors I named them all the initials of its residents so I could find them faster if they aren't in their store.
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User Info: J_Nics

5 years ago#6
I'm naming them after the towns in Pokemon. I just started so I only have 2 right now though, Pallet Apts, and Viridian apts.
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User Info: WickedSickJosh

5 years ago#7
I just started renaming everything based on the city I actually live in. The phonebook helped me a lot, especially with apartment names.
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