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3 years ago#1
Everytime i login i get a message to change password, i did but still getting message, and now ive reached my limit for doing so for 24 hours...cant i just decide myself if i wanna change my goddamn password...
3 years ago#2
I had the EXACT same problem.

Here's how you can (hopefully) fix it.

I assume you're an EU player and have downloaded the client via Steam.

If so, then delete PS2 from Steam and download it from the european site pro7sat1 (just let the US site link you).
Download THAT client and register an account on THAT site.
3 years ago#3
Ahh i see, i actually downloaded the EU client from that site at first but figured it was easier to use steam xD guess ill delete steam and redownload it then

Thanks alot for clearing this up btw :)
3 years ago#4
If I'm Canadian, is there any fix for this? My friends have been on my ass about playing it for a week and I can't join them since I can't even log in.
3 years ago#5
I was locked out of the game for the same issue until this week. The only solutions I found were to use the Reset Password option, and if that fails to contact support. Their email support was useless, but the phone support was quick and easy.
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