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2 years ago#1
Have an xbone titanfall beta code..... will give it to one of you..... tell me why you think you should get it. Ill dm the winner.
2 years ago#2
I think I should get it because I am a real American and I fight for the rights of EVERY man. Plus my Valentine's day has been horrible. No code, found my GF cheating on me with another man, and then she tried to kill me. The cops say it was a combo of her falling out of love with me and meth.
2 years ago#3
I'm trying to convince my friend to get an Xbox One.
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2 years ago#4
I should get it because I'd be willing to bathe in the blood of 40,000 infants on a Sabbath Day if it guaranteed my chances of getting a code. ;)
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2 years ago#5
Im looking for a code for my son, he`s getting his xbox one tomorrow, needless to say he only has the money saved for the system so no games for it.

I put in for a beta code on titanfall web site but didnt get one for him.
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2 years ago#6
I'd love to get this code because I have two close friends coming over tomorrow who've never played the Xbox One. This game would be a perfect system seller and a good way to convince them to buy the Xbox One.
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2 years ago#7
Please Kind sir! The reason you should give me the code is because I love to GAME! Also had a crappy day today;p
2 years ago#8
i know a lot of people can just say this but i have been looking all day yesterday and had bad luck. Also I told my son i would eventually get a beta code for him. Bad luck. :(
2 years ago#9
so unlike these people im not going to make up some pity "herp im looking for a code for my son" story and say hey sup TC wanna hook a brotha up wita code rite quick
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2 years ago#10
Ok guys i picked a winner, if you didn't win code, better luck finding it somewhere else.
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