Last elemental fair, where is Blue?

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What? I can find the others already? O_O I got Green when I rescued her in that one cave I can't remember.

neosuduno posted...
red is in autumn fields two zones left from

Huh? Where's that? Two zones left from?
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Red is two screens right of Revival Cave. Big, open area that doesn't have a gate otherwise, like with the other elementals.
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So you just run back and forth between areas until she spawns?
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Yeah. Even if there's not one there immediately (which I've yet to see with Red), so long as a gate's spawned, Red will come too.
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Shiya64 posted...
Seilen posted...
I spent an entire day trying to get it to spawn and it didn't. Am I on the wrong screen? I'm 3 screens north from where the airship drops you (Sechs Territory). The screen below has a save point and a switch, with two blocked paths on the left and right. The screen above is blocked by 2 consecutive pillars. I'm searching in the middle of these two but it's just a big empty field. Am I in the right spot with terrible luck?

I'm pretty sure that's the right spot. I've only seen it twice and I go there very often. ..

Good luck!

Thanks, I'll keep looking.

Schesparn posted...
I haven't found Red yet. The opening post isn't particularly clear about her location. Where is she?

Red is two screens East of Revival Cave. The map looks sort of like:
(Revival cave) <> Empty Field <> Red Field
Keep going back and forth between the empty and red fields until you either see an orange fairy or a portal. The portal will spawn Red even if it did not initially spawn, once you kill the other monsters. Be patient.
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Okay, I'm sorry, in the Autumn area, I found an area with stumps and I've been running back and forth trying to spawn a gate. But that's not the issue. The problem is, where the hell is Revival cave? O_O I can't believe I've gone as far as I have and cannot find Revival cave for the life of me.
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