Finally started dating Doug!!

#1kdg0189Posted 10/11/2013 5:25:42 PM
I finally got Doug to go out with me. Once I hit 9 LP he said yes. The little confession was so cute and adorable. I love the voice actor that does his voice so hearing him say I love you so was cute. I'm going on the first date with him tomorrow, can't wait to see how the dates work. I'm so glad I held out for Doug. I like him more and more each day. Really happy we are finally able to play as girls. I always enjoyed playing as the guys and marrying the girls but it's not as much fun when you're a girl. Don't know if I'm gonna date any of the other guys. I want to, they've started to grow on me and I want to see what dating them is like, especially Kiel and Leon, but I still like Doug the best and plan on marrying him. Any other girls really happy we get to date guys finally in Rune Factory?
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#2TT749Posted 10/11/2013 5:37:22 PM
Yeah, I'm relieved that we can finally date all the cute guys that are in the games. I was really disappointed that in Rune Factory 3, we couldn't date Gaius.

Doug is seriously worth it, and his dates are really adorable. Some of the comments he makes after you get together are sweet as well.
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