Best place for squid?

#1spyke252Posted 10/12/2013 7:24:56 PM
If it's not immediately obvious, I'm at the squid catching contest. I have the legendary pole, but my skill is only ~10. I tried searching, but I don't think I need lamp squid, just normal squid will do.
What's the best place to catch squid?
#2MisoKrattzPosted 10/12/2013 7:36:46 PM
Honestly, the spots in town will be more than enough. I wiped the competition with about 20 squid. Itll be easier if you learn to recognize the general shadow size of squid, its about middle sized (hard to explain) but they range from mid small to mid large. But winter fish tend to be really small, so as long as its not small, then its a good chance thats a squid.

I personally fish a LOTi n this game, so i ended up recognizing the shadow size of practically all the fish. XD Hope you get what I mean, and good luck~
#3spyke252(Topic Creator)Posted 10/12/2013 7:37:22 PM
Well, for those who search after me, Dragon Lake inside Selphia net me 8 squid, which was double the second place winner.