Marriage event help with dylas

#1pokemongal007Posted 10/23/2013 10:23:10 AM
Ok I know I have done alot of post on here And I'm sorry about that I just have one question to see dylas clumsy event I know you need to go on three dates with him talk to him and do you need to have Porcoline at a high fp level I saw something that said for some like dolce you need nancy and jones at a high fp level to see her marriage event do I need to the same with Porcoline in order to see dylas clumsy you marriage event because I haven't given Porcoline any thing
#2NarukazePosted 10/23/2013 11:22:34 AM
you need to see smiling sub before that will start as well. also stop festives will help too. that's how I made it happen. I had dylas around 22 when it started but I don't think it needs to be that high.
#3pokemongal007(Topic Creator)Posted 10/23/2013 11:31:20 AM
Ok thanks I saw the smile event with dylas and his fp/lp is at 14 and I just canceled one event so I'll try to cancel the ones that I know that I will have enoughs days I think during winter
#4NarukazePosted 10/23/2013 2:12:36 PM
I had to stop make four of five before they came up. I had the marry thing start around summer 14. it takes about three days or so. so you will have to stop more festives most likely.
#5pokemongal007(Topic Creator)Posted 10/23/2013 2:27:52 PM
Thanks :)