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User Info: kawaiihito94

3 years ago#1
It's almost valentine's day, Im just wondering what I should give to dylas? Cause I know he dislikes sweets. Thanks
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User Info: allison1996

3 years ago#2
I just gave him his favorite dish of Milk Porridge.

User Info: CuriCurry

3 years ago#3
His favorite dishes will be fine.
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User Info: AlpacaKnight

3 years ago#4
In past Harvest Moon games, characters who originally hate sweets will accept them on Valentines day. I'm not completely sure if this applies to Rune Factory games, but it's worth a shot to try.

I got special dialog when giving sweets to people on Valentines day, but does the dialog happen even if you don't give a character sweets, but say, a fish or something?

User Info: RPGman1

3 years ago#5
Dylas didn't have a problem with me giving him cookies on this day outside of the "DUDE YOU'RE A DUDE" reaction. Actually, I can't remember if Dylas raised a big problem about this or not...

I'm pretty sure he's like Neil in New Beginning in this case. He'll take it on this one day.

User Info: Hasseno

3 years ago#6
Well, giving him cookies on valentines day will certainly piss him off, even if it is just a joke.

Other characters are much more forgiving.
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