Zangief vs Teleporters..

#1getta2Posted 1/26/2012 2:17:03 PM
I've come to realize, Zangief vs VERY DISCIPLINED teleporters is _HARD_ and frustrating.. A disciplined Akuma, Bison, and Dhalsim can just peck and teleport away.. But Zangief has little options to chase besides dash-dash or repeated green-hand (which needs 2 of either to match the range).. I almost have to rely on the teleporter "getting cute" or "creative" to stand a chance..

The only solution I've found, is to get the lead, then back off, and just lariat through the projectiles waiting for time out .. I also do this to Guile when he just wants to turtle + play SF2 style Guile: use the b,f+P to OPTION SELECT to sonic boom, backfist, suplex (whatever is called for when opponent is near, the motion is same).. This is NOT FUN, and defeats the point of PLAYING the game.. It's like doing Tap Tap Revolution..

So what's a good way to make the teleporters pay ?? Jump back and strike to assume where they will land ??
#2narutosupernovaPosted 1/28/2012 4:50:37 AM

Yep and another way is just bait them to the direction you want otherwise you find these guys are so annoying

#3DreKerrPosted 1/28/2012 7:18:53 PM
Bait them out. Teleporters aren't the smartest bunch.
#4getta2(Topic Creator)Posted 2/13/2012 9:13:23 AM
DreKerr posted...
Bait them out. Teleporters aren't the smartest bunch.

I played a scrub yesterday.. Not even more than 20 matches won and lost, and only 200 or so BP..

He long teleported 95% of the time.. Pattern was fireball far away, or air fireball as I wallked in, then double long teleport away..

I tried grabbing or Ultra'ing or standing jab him right between the teleports, none of them worked.. Stupid me, I didn't have the frame of mind to try green hand hit (green hand was barely keeping up with his teleports) or body splash where he would be..

P.I.A. the guy won 2 rounds on time out, couldn't even KO me, didn't even try a single raging demon, and never did a rematch..

All I could do was message him with taunts..