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StickyYour Character + Stats/Skill Setup! (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
4eversnow10367/19 6:54AM
Digital/Disc? (Archived)WolfieVII17/5 10:53AM
Question about titles. (Archived)hack_-_Kite24/7 5:11PM
Nightmare brush (Archived)Lord Plothos17/5/2014
Ascension spear (Archived)erk1327/5/2014
Chaos and Nightmare Weapon Unlock Assisiance Please? (Archived)KirbyPuffball23/7/2014
Could someone help me with legend mode? (Archived)Fade2black00122/16/2014
Dynasty Warrior 7 extreme Pc (Archived)weigazod12/9/2014
Do i need to buy the xtreme legends disc even if i have the original disc? (Archived)FroxTy41/8/2014
Xtreme Mode? (Archived)ajax01329/22/2013
Wang Yi ... why was she not in the Jin storyline mode? (Archived)MonarchPaulos47/23/2013
Nightmare Mode Help (Archived)spyro_jones27/22/2013
Anyone still play this online? (Archived)blackart111167/5/2013
Dian Wei... just saw his death scene again... (Archived)MonarchPaulos36/26/2013
Nightmare w/o healing (Archived)Lord Plothos66/10/2013
What is that "clash" between two characters called? (Archived)Vuts_Up26/2/2013
Nightmare Baidi -Shu: Weapon not showing? (Archived)Xean_Liteheart25/27/2013
Two questions... (Archived)crazytrain235/21/2013
Possible too get all the nightmare weapons without co-op? (Archived)Sumomo_Akihime45/14/2013
So, between Xtreme legends and Empires.... (Archived)Xean_Liteheart25/12/2013
Battle of Hefei; Zhang Liao's 4th appearance? (Archived)Sumomo_Akihime35/12/2013
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