About obtaining new weapons

#1resenshuriken89Posted 12/14/2011 10:39:19 PM
Sorry that I'm new to DW7 and DW7 XL, I'm playing Legend Mode on DW7 XL currently and I know I can buy new weapons from the dealer in the city but I've a problem to obtain new weapons during battle, basically if you lucky enough, you'll obtain new weapons after defeating some enemies right? But I've no luck, is it something to do about the difficulty? Cause I choose easy on the difficulty. I wish I can get some new weapons after defeating some enemies rather than you buy from the dealer, pardon me for the trouble and I hope somebody will guide me up out there! THANKS!!
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Enemies don't drop weapons in this iteration of DW. To get the best weapons in each category, you have to be playing on chaos or nightmare level and do something specific (usually make sure some strategy succeeds, or kill certain officers within a certain amount of time) . On the stage select screen, I think if you press triangle it will tell you what you need to do on that stage. Also, once you're in a battle (and you're playing in chaos or nightmare) , there should be an option "secret weapons" in the pause menu, which will also tell you what you need to do to get the stage specific weapon.
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In regards to what you're talking about:

If you beat an enemy general quickly after fighting them, if you don't have their weapon, you'll acquire their weapon as a drop instead of stat increases, saving you money buying their weapon. I think that the 1-6 level weapons can all be acquired this way. This is independent of difficulty, so you can just set the game to beginner for this.

You'll have to buy the rest in stores. The 10th level weapons all require the Smithing skill, which is 800ish SP found on Zhuge Liang, Lu Meng, or Guo Huai to buy. The new weapon's 7th weapon is found via the merchant. There are 11 and 12th weapon DLCs for most weapons except the Bow cause the team screwed up when they brought the states stat-side.

The real awesome weapons, the Chaos and Nightmare weapons, can only be found by beating the stage with the requirements to get the weapon, found in the select state screen. Nightmare weapons can only be unlocked when every stage is beaten on Chaos mode.
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Woah..Cool! THANKS guys! I got this! I ran through few stages yesterday and I got some dropped weapons from some enemy officers and that was cool! Maybe my luck is come! LOL! Anyway, about the chaos/nightmare weapons, I saw the display and how to get them before and I bet chaos/nightmare is terrible, have to choose a very strong officer to play in those modes right? And I'll try to push triangle during gameplay, never try that before. Thanks again guys, it helps a lot for a beginner like me! Happy gaming!
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