Chaos Weapons

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4 years ago#1
Does anyone have a list of all the chaos weapons? If so, can you kindly post them for me, and if it's not too much hassle what level they are also obtained on.

I'm struggling on some of the levels and it would be much easier if i obtained the chaos version of the 'Dragon Spear' (since the character i am using is Zhao Yun), therefore i made this thread.. :)

Also, if you wish to assist me or be assisted online on DW7XL than feel free to add me,
my psn is w4qar14. :)
4 years ago#2
You can check what each stage offers by pressing triangle on the stage select screen of Legend Mode.

If you need help I'd be up for assisting at some point.

PSN is Goober2049
You don't know me!!??! I'm Idunna! THE EXOTIC WONDER OF THE EAST!!

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