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8 years ago#1
Okay so, I was playing around with falche, just to test some of the game's devices. Levels and whatnot have you, I found a problem (a bug?) with Falche as a stat editor.

The algorithm for hit points on any given level up is : (EN / 2) + 2 + [ 4 * (Ranks of Lifegiver)].

HOWEVER!!! I started with 5 endurance, then falche-edited it to 10 (only single stat I edited), and set my exp to 999 (still at level 1, the first levelup being at 1000 exp. Most obvious thing to do, run into the arroyo temple which you start at and kill a giant ant, get exp to cover the gap to that next level).

When I got my level up, I still only got "4" hp (despite I falche edited it to 10) as opposed to another save file which received 7 hp per level when I created my person with 10 endurance (this other save, is unedited by falche).

One would think with 10 end you would regardless receive the initial 7 hp per level between levels 1 and 2, but is this a problem with falche as an editor? Or the game? Is it possible then that "starting stats" can affect what occurs behind the scenes for certain aspects of your person throughout the entire game? Despite any increases to them you may get later on, that there is a certain "value" which is ultimately only affected by creation (hitpoints on level being one of them)?

Try it out, any feedback would be appreciated. I cant be the first person to experience this.
8 years ago#2
Performed another test with Falche, this time for INT, made 2 seperate games, one with a starting stat of 10, the other with a starting stat of 5. Game A (which started with 10 int) had their exp jumped to 999 with falche, ran into arroyo temple, killed an ant. On level up, 10 int bestowed 25 skill points.

Game B, int started at 5, used falche to edit the stat to 10, same exp modification 999 (1 point from level), ran into arroyo temple, killed an ant. This time, despite having 10 int, only 15 skill points were bestowed.

I can only wonder as to what else might be affected (or prevented from increasing) if one were to edit their stats using Falche. I continue to ponder, is it a game issue? Because the edited stat clearly reads 10, but if it is 10 it can no longer increase, though should be producing the maximum value of that statistical effect (though it is not).

Anyhow, the formula for skill points seems to be: 5 + (Intelligence * 2) = skill points (not counting varable traits or perks).
8 years ago#3
I would suppose the game derives the so-called derived statistics like hit point gain or skill point gain upon your other states, so the only way to increase them is to change your endurance and your intelligence. Falche may list the values there for completion, but the game probably automatically derives them on its own every time, and so Falche has no power over it.

I remember I ran into this problem with Falche for some other derived statistic i was trying to modify that the game wouldn't accept. I think it might have been carry weight, not sure.
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8 years ago#4
Yeah, if you use Falche to edit the stats it doesn't change carry weight, or hit points per level up or any of that.

What you CAN do though, is download a trainer(used on the Character Creation screen, you can freeze your character points and do other things) from NMA and use that.

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8 years ago#5
Although if you knew that already then nevermind >.<
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8 years ago#6
I encountered this problem when I did the same thing, trying to play a character with 10 in all stats.

I think what I ended up doing was maxing EN, IN and whatnot at the start so the game would accept the right level up formula, and then edit the other stats a bit later editing other things if I need to as well.
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