Can't open the first door...

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8 years ago#1
I tried clicking it, I tried opening the skill thing, clicking the lockpick, and clicking the door with the yellow target and nothing happened. I tried it about 100 times before making a new character with high lockpicking skill and it still would not open! How do I get past the stupid door?
8 years ago#2
uh did you try the door after using lockpick, because using lockpick only unlocks it it doesn't open it for you... and anyone with even incredibly low lockpick should be able to lockpick the door, it's the trial run to introduce you to the mechanic sooo it should unluck
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8 years ago#3
Yeah. Unlocking doors merely unlocks them. Opening doors will open them once they're unlocked.

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8 years ago#4
Basically, you've been standing there, unlocking and relocking the door ... assuming you haven't completely jammed the lock during one of your many attempts. Keep an eye on the message window in the lower-left corner of the screen for important messages ... including feedback on things like how successful a lockpick attempt was.

There's step-by-step instructions in the sticky if you still can't figure it out.
When all else fails, read the instructions.
8 years ago#5
In other words: CHECK THE STICKY. =D
8 years ago#6


I just realised you have to right click for a menu... Besides I'm far into the game and have the best armour and guns :D

8 years ago#7

So were we!
When all else fails, read the instructions.
8 years ago#8
The very first door isn't locked. <_<
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8 years ago#9
No it --

*Thinks for a minute*

Wait a sec! Now that you mention it, I think there is a door at the end of that very first room with all of the ants. Curse my feeble, human brain!

I never remember that one because it always seems like such a non-issue to me. The ones that stick in my mind are the ones that block the exit grids between sections.

In my defense, people have had problems with the "first door" many times before (it's what inspired the addition in the sticky), and they were always, actually struggling with the locked one.

Ah, who am I kidding! I just lost a whole mountain of vet-cred! -_-;

(I'd even say I'd have to go back and patch up the sticky, somehow, but after looking at it, I think I lucked out, on a technicality.)
When all else fails, read the instructions.
8 years ago#10
S'okay SAS we still love you.
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