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3 years ago#1
... is the worst thing/things to happen to the Final Fantasy series?

XIII-2 and the fact that they've already established a domain name for XIII-3. Just... no.
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3 years ago#2
Nah, it's pretty fun for me :3
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3 years ago#3
As I already said, you can picture me as the old, boring guy that threatens everyone with his stick remembering the good ol' days.
After X everything went downward.
I refuse to consider a MMORPG as a FF.
XII was a pretty good game! A bad FF...
XIII is a slashy and fun game, but I'm too old and boring to play it... I keep thinking about its name and cry.
XIII-2, XIII-3, XIII-4... I don't care, I'm dying inside.
In those years the only FF-related games that were really good were the Nomura ones!
He made Advent Children (ok, it's not a game), which has a horrendous story, but a lot of CG and swords and fights and it's soooo cool! Yeah! I love it!
He made Kingdom Hearts, a fabulous series!
He made Dissidia, one of the best games I've ever played! (since the late '90 my dream was to have a game that had in it all bad guys and all good guys from FFs! He made it come true)
And now he makes Thethryh... Therthy... Theathrht... The music game!
So, everything about FF is bad now, except when Nomura directs!
This is why I'm looking forward to Versus XIII!

Mind that those are only my opinions and I'm boring... And old... Eh...

(PS: A special mention to the Crystal Chronicles, they are good in its own way...)
3 years ago#4
When Nobuo Uematsu left ;(

I miss his music man. The music in the Crystal Chronicles DS games imo are the only good soundtracks that have come out of SE since he left.
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3 years ago#5
Personally, I like Sakimoto more than Uematsu...

I prefer his composing style, but that's just me.
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