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Did anyone ever find out how to fix dlc freezing on download? (Archived)Insomniac8624/15/2014
How is it determined whether you get Boss 1 or Boss 2/3? (Archived)TheRealItachi33/25/2014
Magic Party (Archived)Jolteon3923/24/2014
Did the original NA release version include the stickers and stylus? (Archived)FelixTrapper33/17/2014
Need white crystals. (Archived)fettster77743/13/2014
Where to find each scroll? (Archived)BlazinBeat63/10/2014
Who should I work on leveling up? (Archived)Amyvas32/15/2014
I did it... I've spent that much... (Archived)Skull_pro61/20/2014
Goals Topic: What are you working towards in Theatrhythm? (Archived)
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Share your Dark Notes here^^ HOMEPASS (Archived)Riku909031/12/2014
Dark Note Drop Tables (Archived)Wasteland781/7/2014
Are add-ons down? (Archived)Sanghee1291/3/2014
What do you need to do to be able to start sending and recieving ProfiCards? (Archived)DanaDoo12712/27/2013
Trading a dark note through multiplayer? And if so, I need one with orange! (Archived)jumper777212/20/2013
What is (in your opinion) the hardest songs for each stage? (Archived)Nin3DSFan512/17/2013
What's your favorite add on content? (Archived)aiyobro612/16/2013
Do you still send your street pass data to others, when... (Archived)Brodius212/12/2013
Can you get a new Dark Note if you delete all uncompleted Notes? (Archived)mlc818412/5/2013
Does spoil final fantasy vii? (Archived)pkmewtwo311/1/2013
How do I avoid the "special path" sections? (Archived)Mr Strange (V)410/19/2013
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