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Square Enix code (Archived)AnghellicKarma210/12/2013
Trophy: Get S on all Basic Scores... (Archived)volanin310/9/2013
wtf you can't register this game for any club nintendo coins? (Archived)BignutzisBack79/22/2013
Now that I've unlocked all of the characters... (Archived)CharizardFire49/21/2013
Sequel: Curtain Call announced for 3DS for Spring 2014 in Japan (Archived)
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Canadian cover looks sunburnt and faded (Archived)denpanosekai39/18/2013
I got one of those turning slide triggers in a Dark Note. (Archived)ArthasReborn39/13/2013
iPad or 3DS Version? (Archived)holygiblets39/12/2013
"Favourite song in...?" Poll Winners :) (Archived)aqualta29/12/2013
what song do you want in this game if not the next one (Archived)kakashijen49/10/2013
50 bylines trophy question (Archived)Dante_Afas69/10/2013
Best song from Final Fantasy XIII? (Poll)aqualta39/9/2013
Sequel?? (Archived)meggido_flare39/3/2013
What are Dark Notes? (Archived)BignutzisBack29/1/2013
Couple of questions about this game (Archived)BignutzisBack28/31/2013
Best song from Final Fantasy X? (Poll)aqualta38/30/2013
Anyone else find it easier playing with their fingernail (Archived)Fish_Soup_6448/27/2013
Damn... the BMS DLC I bought are soo HARD on Ultimate!!! (Archived)gfaqster78/23/2013
I've never played a final fantasy game before this one. (Archived)jerrbear6498/23/2013
What's the best song in Final Fantasy VIII? (Poll)Firemage10168/23/2013
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