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The most tolerant guards. (Archived)konvikt_1733/8 9:13PM
how does **** get passed the weepers?(spoilers) (Archived)konvikt_1763/8 8:18PM
Dishonored 2 totally needs a bone charm that lets you deflect bullets (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SamuriChameleon123/4 12:08PM
So apparently carrying an unconscious body... (Archived)konvikt_1732/25 10:06AM
Odds on hearing something soon? (Archived)SergioMach532/17 7:20AM
I just realized you can get a cleaver (spoilers?) (Archived)SamuriChameleon72/14 12:43PM
Stealth or not? (Archived)bassage62/6 9:22AM
Going Loud and Lethal (Archived)LordTrinen51/31 10:24AM
Just had **** come and fight me(golden cat spoilers) (Archived)konvikt_1731/28 1:39PM
May have found a bone charm farming spot. late game. [spoilers] (Archived)konvikt_1741/27 9:17AM
The sounds of Dishonored (Archived)LordTrinen31/18 5:00AM
Second chapter. Why I can't replay it? (Archived)andreoni7941/9 12:54AM
Blood Thirsty is pretty awesome. (Archived)konvikt_17412/30 2:31AM
So i walked into a bullet... (Archived)konvikt_17412/26 6:56AM
Well now that ive gotten better at swordfighting... (Archived)konvikt_17712/22 8:36PM
Anyone know where I might be able to grab the DLC disc alone? (Archived)Azhai512/13 9:28AM
Is the Goty edition bugs-free? (Archived)andreoni79711/29 8:50PM
i can still kill right? (enough coints to disappear) (Archived)konvikt_17611/22 11:06PM
Wristbow Decapitation. (Archived)konvikt_17311/10 12:02AM
Doing a "no reload" run. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
konvikt_171111/5 11:50PM
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