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Dishonored; rent, buy, or pass? (Poll)
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WOT BS2310/11/2012
What song(s) do you feel best captures the essence of this game? (Archived)
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It's weird. (Archived)Saytyn210/11/2012
I stealthed so much that I can't combat! (Archived)Ahoge-dono210/11/2012
Huh? So can't you walk around in plain sight then? (Archived)nice one Trev910/11/2012
Hit detection in combat. (Archived)Bercilak310/11/2012
My theory about the best character in the entire game *...spoiler? naaah* (Archived)Dark Keyblade110/11/2012
River Krust (Archived)twotonez610/11/2012
How do you get to the bone charm in the tower? *spoilers* (Archived)gamegod13210/11/2012
anyone know the combination to the vault in the tower? (Archived)SpizMackk210/11/2012
What does "high chaos" really affect? (Archived)ElricVanClaus810/11/2012
am i really already near the end of the game?(spoilers) (Archived)steveoSEK610/11/2012
Should I buy this or just wait for Brofist Shooter 3? (Archived)
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Does doing this effect anything towards the end spoilers. (Archived)ironmaidenfan70410/11/2012
Wait I might be sold on this game... Answer this? (Archived)Blueandwhite87510/11/2012
curious about something. (Archived)zombienatio0410/11/2012
Is the game harder or easier to just kill? (Archived)abbeldydoo310/11/2012
*Sigh* yep another should I get this game topic (Archived)Hedorian610/11/2012
Beat this game in 7 hours, got most runes and did about half of the sidequests (Archived)Mixorz510/11/2012
Man why do people complain about Graphics, Skyward Sword was amazing.... (Archived)
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