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Man why do people complain about Graphics, Skyward Sword was amazing.... (Archived)
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Can you go outside of the city and explore the huge map and islands? (Archived)xavieris1984210/11/2012
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Best powers? (Archived)
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I see a lot of no kill runs...Who else is doing a KILL EVERYONE run (Archived)
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Old apartment key location? (hound pit pub) (Archived)PhoenixAssassin410/11/2012
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Worst first 30 minutes of any game I've played this gen (Archived)
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Safe in the sewer help..... (Archived)iHoldWithFire510/11/2012
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The 'bad' ending isn't even that bad, there's no 'punishment' for killing. (Archived)
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Clean Hands-Poisoning bottle street gang's elixer (Archived)
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