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1st mission 3 bandits arguing over loot (Archived)projectpat72988510/11/2012
Worst first 30 minutes of any game I've played this gen (Archived)
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Question about Runes (Archived)SydLosttarot410/11/2012
Safe in the sewer help..... (Archived)iHoldWithFire510/11/2012
How close am I to the end. Spoilers (Archived)ironmaidenfan70410/11/2012
The 'bad' ending isn't even that bad, there's no 'punishment' for killing. (Archived)
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Hound pit club question... (Archived)DarkfireAxel210/11/2012
Clean Hands-Poisoning bottle street gang's elixer (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Pratchett's Safe *spoilers* (Archived)Amakusa42910/11/2012
3 things that would have made dishonored shine (Archived)Anenu710/11/2012
Mission 2 Help, No Alert Run. *Spoiler (Archived)SkaterUB210/11/2012
Broadcast Control Key and Lord Regent spoilers (Archived)IrishSJ23210/11/2012
Morrowind with Skyrim combat (Archived)couchtater12345210/11/2012
Nice....Gamestop lied! (Archived)
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PS3 or 360? (Archived)sensui1280810/11/2012
Better Stealth/overall game: Mark of the Ninja or Dishonored? (Archived)raptorleon1510/11/2012
Dark Vision necessary? (Archived)
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What counts as detected? (Archived)Sorugue410/11/2012
Does alerting a weeper count against you? (Archived)InfectedVader210/11/2012
So I have a question about blueprints (specifically regarding the first mission) (Archived)seaniac1212410/11/2012
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