Rat swarms, do they count as me killing someone?

#1SunricerPosted 10/10/2012 10:39:09 AM
Mission 1, inside a manor, rats behind a door If I release these rats, will it count as me killing the guards in the nearby area?
#2shaunofthedead3Posted 10/10/2012 10:51:58 AM
Sure does
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#3Sunricer(Topic Creator)Posted 10/10/2012 11:08:30 AM
Even though technically the rats attacked them? Guess I won't be able to get the items inside unless I get rid of the guards somehow.
#4John_8_RamboPosted 10/10/2012 11:10:06 AM
put their unconscious bodies on a table or something; don't leave em on the ground and they wont get eaten
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#5Sunricer(Topic Creator)Posted 10/10/2012 11:12:58 AM
So if I release the rats on the living guards, that are walking around. That still counts as me, killing the guards? Instead of an unfortunate accident on the guard's part?
#6John_8_RamboPosted 10/10/2012 11:16:36 AM
I'm not sure about that, but I wouldn't take the risk if you're going nonlethal.
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#7JJ81190Posted 10/10/2012 12:08:26 PM
It counts. Lol anything that you cause that kills a guard counts, weather its cutting a throat or summoning ravenous rats.
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#8Sunricer(Topic Creator)Posted 10/10/2012 12:27:12 PM(edited)
Not summoning, they are trapped behind a door, if I open the door they run out and start eating whatever is on the floor. Anyway, didn't take the risk, 20 Gold isn't that much to lose out on.

To make it clear, I'm taking about one of the rat swarms that are in the game, not the ability you can use. There is a swarm of those rats behind a door and if I open it, they run out and eat the guards. Would this count as a kill on my part or would it count as the rats killing them, like in the tutorial?
#9zak234Posted 10/10/2012 12:40:31 PM
Are you happy that you downloaded US game?
#10Sunricer(Topic Creator)Posted 10/10/2012 12:46:07 PM
zak234 posted...
Are you happy that you downloaded US game?

Yes, I'm thrilled it actually worked. :)
And I've spend hours and not even finished the first level.. >_>
I'm having a lot of fun.