anyways to play this with no cd?

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User Info: SomeDude1205

7 years ago#1
I bought the gold edition pack for 9 dollars at walmart. Just wondering if there's anyways to play this w/o having to insert a cd in everytime.

I'm kinda spoiled by the latest Starcraft/D2/War3/C&C: 1st decade patches as well as Steam games that require no cd to play the respective games.
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User Info: Stiphilis

7 years ago#2
Yes, but it might be against the ToS to talk about, even though you own the game.

User Info: moonroot

7 years ago#3

I'd also like to know how to do this. Does one of the official patches include a no cd patch?

I have a netbook that I'd like to be able to play this on (no CD drive) so if I load it on w/ my external (wall-powered) CD/DVD drive I would have a portable game. I've also been looking into CD emulators for this type of thing--if anyone could point me towards one that is reputable, it would be much appreciated.

User Info: Drippy89

7 years ago#4
Get the 2.0b patch. It allows No CD play.

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User Info: Eddo_C

7 years ago#5
Alcohol 52% is free and is a good CD emulator when you run out of plans. I use it. I always have a separate hard drive to store every CD I have. With the amount of disc I have, is easier to just use an emulator as opposed to searching for the disc underneath my bed somewhere (scary place).

Is not really TOS violation when you give an example of a an emulator, is not illegal to have or make such programs. And you are certainly not giving info in
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User Info: SourlDieseL

7 years ago#6
TC needs to return to get answers.
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  3. anyways to play this with no cd?

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