I'm hoping

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4 years ago#1
That they will include the 8 original destined digimon + Betamon and all theIr evolution to mega, including
-WarGreymon, Metal Garurumon (not a brain teaser)
-Phoenixmon (Well, one of the heroes' partner is biyomon, so...)
-Rosemon, Preciomon (Screw You marine angemon!) H.Kabuterimon (The digimons I wanted the most)
-H.Seraphimon, Magnadramon, Metal Seadramon (would be nice to have them)
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4 years ago#2
I'm hoping for as broad an evolution tree as possible. Like Dusk/Dawn broad.
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4 years ago#3
i think they re-used the 3d model from digimon savers ps2 so there's a chance for those digimon in....
4 years ago#4
Tempting it maybe to wish for Xros Wars level-lacking Digimon like Dorurumon or Baalmon to be amongst the roster of obtainable Digimons, but they seem to be unlikely with the game's Evolution system going back to the traditional and classic one.
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4 years ago#5
I'm hoping they would give us a release date ~_______~

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