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User Info: zex_army

5 years ago#1
Do you think all 12 be available later? As much as I want the villain pack... I have amazon credit... Baw,

User Info: ginfinitexe

5 years ago#2
I hope so. Morrigan, Wesker, Skrull, Doom, Strider and friggin Cyber Akuma are all sick.
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User Info: JoshuaBagwell

5 years ago#3
i'm getting from amazon for cyber akuma

User Info: KulaStar

5 years ago#4
Can't stop laughing at Elvis MODOK! XD
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User Info: orphanjohn

5 years ago#5
Links please.
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User Info: RobotPirteGhost

5 years ago#6
orphanjohn posted...
Links please.
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User Info: dragonink83

5 years ago#7
The only costume I like is Cyber Akuma from Amazon, but wouldn't be against finding a way to get Morigan's.
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User Info: SamuraiLloyd

5 years ago#8
I'm probably going to get the Femme Fatale pack but i seriously hope i can buy the others later as DLC because i actually want Elvis MODOK and Cyber Akuma.
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User Info: Leo_Blaken

5 years ago#9
I would like DIFFERENT colors for the alternative costumes.

User Info: xxnike629xx

5 years ago#10
zex_army posted...
Do you think all 12 be available later? As much as I want the villain pack... I have amazon credit... Baw,

Don't worry. If you don't pre-order the game, it'll be posted up on the PS Store (free or for a few bucks) like a week or 2 after. (My VideoGame Collection) (My Amazon Store)

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