Calling it now, X, if in, will be the last reveal.

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HonorJMB posted...
And the denial begins. Megaman already has two reps, which is a lot considering the series doesn't sell really anymore, Capcom doesn't value the series very much anymore. When was the last time a high budget mega man game was released...

People buy DMC, RE and SF games, they deserve more reps. Although, I'll admit I really wanted Roll.

SF games deserve more reps, yet they haven't received a single one in this new announcement.

And your saying Arthur is the same as Mega Man considering, they both only have two reps.
Yet you still are ignorant bout Megaman's situation.

Yes they have two reps, but the Mega Man Franchise is without the MAIN CHARACTER from both actual games; Tron Bonne and Zero.

That's like adding Luigi and Peach in Smash but no Mario.
Or adding Ken and Chun-Li with no Ryu; or Nina and Law with no Kazuya or Jin.
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