I hope the raccoon is powerful...

#1haterade187Posted 7/20/2011 3:01:54 PM
I have never heard of this Rocket Raccoon character, but if his playstyle is fun I'll definitely put him on a team. Sounds like he has potential too: heavy firearm using character that just happens to be a raccoon? Count me in.

Remember last year when people were saying Phoenix would suck because of her health? We all know how that turned out with the easymode she currently is. Hopefully this Rocket character can hold his own... I don't read comics, but I'm genuinely interested in seeing what Capcom has done for his playstyle.

By the way, am I the only one excited to try out Firebrand? He seems kind of badass to me...
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#2Bass_X0Posted 7/21/2011 2:41:19 AM
Rocket Raccoon will probably be similar to Joe and Arthur as a small character.
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