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User Info: toad133

5 years ago#11
Strider: "Sweet, Strider!"
Firebrand: "Heck yes, another true villain besides Wesker!."
Frank West: "Nice, nice."
Nemesis: "4 Resident Evil characters? Really?"
Phoenix Wright: "GET HYPE.."
Vergil: "Hmm, so they included him after all."

Ghost Rider: "Hmm, didn't expect to see him.."
Hawkeye: "Well, this should make [friend] hap-oh god that theme is sexy."
Dr. Strange: "Bout time Dr Strange got some love!"
Iron Fist: "Eh, he'll do."
Nova: "Never heard of this guy."
Rocket Raccoon: "Best. Token. Weird. Character. Ever."
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Started: 16th of August 2008 13:27pm.

User Info: CaseyLynchisHot

5 years ago#12
Strider Hiryu - LOVE IT! My favorite childhood game hero!
Firebrand - Sick. Love GnG so this is awesome
Phoenix Wright - Can't wait to see his moves.
Nemesis - Why him?
Vergil - Cool
Frank West - Nice :D

Ghost Rider - Sick. Him and Dormammu BFF's
Hawkeye - o...k.
Dr Strange- OH HELL YES!
Iron Fist - He looks pretty interesting.
Nova - He looks cool.
Rocket Raccoon - TROLOLOLOL
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User Info: dotsdfe

5 years ago#13
Strider: Cool. He looks annoying to fight, but cool.
Firebrand: Whatever. Not my cup of tea, but he looks okay.
Frank West: YES! My old TvC main is back!
Nemesis: I could see other RE characters before him, but he could be really fun.
Vergil: Pretty cool, I can make a team DMC, he'd probably have a cool moveset.

Ghost Rider: Looks SOOO awesome!
Hawkeye: Looks like a better version of Tasky.
Dr. Strange: I can see the moveset potential already.
Iron Fist: Pretty cool.
Nova: At first, who? Then later, after reading about him, seems pretty awesome.
Rocket Raccoon: I'll withhold judgment until I see him in action.
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User Info: GS4Life

5 years ago#14
Strider: =)
Firebrand: = I
Frank West:=D =D
Nemesis: =D
Phoenix Wright: >=(
Vergil: =)

Ghost Rider: =D
Hawkeye: =)
Dr. Strange: =)
Iron Fist: =D =D
Nova: =D
Rocket Raccoon: o_O
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User Info: Dark7Knights1

5 years ago#15
Strider: "I knew he was gonna be in eventually."
Firebrand: "Who?...oh ok."
Frank West: "Not a complete waste of a slot. He's covered wars you know"
Nemesis: "Really! No Way! Can't wait to see gameplay."
Phoenix Wright: "Complete Waste!!! OMFG!!! What was Capcom thinking!!! Ahhhh!!!"
Vergil: *tears* "FINALLY!!!"
Ghost Rider: "Ehh, my friend will be more interested with him."
Hawkeye: "Alright, alright I can dig this."
Dr. Strange: "Good Character, he deserves to be in"
Iron Fist: "Tekken?"
Nova: "He shouldn't been in DDR instead. But oh well, he could be interesting"
Rocket Raccoon: "I don't...who...what now?"
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User Info: goldw

5 years ago#16
Strider- Sweetness.Knew it though, but still cool.
Firebrand- Okay. Not a bad choice.
Phoenix Wright- Yes!
Nemesis- ...Why not Leon?
Frank West- Cool.

Ghost Rider- Cool.
Hawkeye- Him over Black Panther?
Dr. Strange- OH F*** YEAH!
Iron Fist- Him over Black Panther?
Nova- Him over Thanos?
Rocket Raccoon- Lol
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User Info: felica

5 years ago#17
Strider: "Duh. He is the #1 deserved char"
Firebrand: "Really capcom??"
Frank West: "I understand his appeal. I could care less though"
Nemesis: "We dont need 4 RE chars when we have no MM chars and only 1 spiderman character"
Phoenix Wright: "Capcom i Love you!"
Vergil: "Capcom I WOULD DIE FOR YOU!"
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User Info: seth_sage12300

5 years ago#18
Seems I'm the only one who actually wanted Rocket Raccoon...

For shame :I
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User Info: meepowned

5 years ago#19
Elec Man EXE posted...

Nemesis: "WTF, didn't Capcom say he would be "too gruesome"? Who wanted this guy? Do we really need a 4th Resident Evil character and a 2nd RE Villain? WHY THE HELL IS HE IN OVER MEGA MAN!?"

^This. And..

Rocket Racoon: "You're... kidding, right? There's obscure, and then there's this. What a rediculously odd choice. Not requested at all (and barely even known), extremely goofy looking... why?! I know Capcom likes to use some obscure choices, but this? I just don't get it. No Spidey villain, no female character, but a freaking racoon?"

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