What is the best costume pack?

#1HakuMan111386Posted 7/20/2011 3:16:35 PM
I was thinking of getting the Amazon one because the costumes look cool, but I want Albert Wesker in S.T.A.R.S.
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#2Lord_Shadow_19Posted 7/20/2011 3:17:37 PM
I'm probably gonna go with the Best Buy pack, it's hard for me to turn down Skrull's real costume and STARS Wesker.

You don't have to worry though, all the costumes will certainly be made available as dlc at some point anyway.
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#3MiskayPosted 7/20/2011 3:18:30 PM
Rogue's scarf for SMVC3!
#4Zio_DynePosted 7/20/2011 3:19:53 PM
Unfortunately, the one that Amazon has is by far the worst imo >.>.
#5dj_skooterPosted 7/20/2011 3:21:24 PM
I'm gettin the gamestop one. I use Morrigan and X-23 a lot.
#6TwilightOrochiPosted 7/20/2011 3:22:45 PM
Female one has 3 that i want, Villains have 2 and Age of Heroes has only 1 (Strider)
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#7FirsnachiePosted 7/20/2011 3:22:46 PM
Gamestop as morrigan is my main
#8cruddy kongPosted 7/20/2011 3:25:04 PM
None of them have the costumes I really want (Rearmed Spencer, Udon Taskmaster, STARS Jill), so I don't really care for any of them. Elvis MODOK, Classic Sent, and Super Skrull's all really good though.
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#9DaemonHellfuryPosted 7/20/2011 3:29:46 PM
Anybody know why C. Viper is dressed like Bucky?

Anyway, I like the Gamestop pack just because of 80's Storm and tracksuit Chun Li, but I won't be pre-ordering so it doesn't matter.
#10supersmashbrosfPosted 7/20/2011 3:31:59 PM
dj_skooter posted...
I'm gettin the gamestop one. I use Morrigan and X-23 a lot.

^this minus the Morrigan part.
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