Why do they make Chun Li so f****** sexy??

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5 years ago#21
Chun Li is pretty much everything I want in a woman.
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5 years ago#22
WTF, it has been a long, long time since Chun Li has been remotely sexy. They made her an ape in SF4 and an anorexian in MvC3.
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5 years ago#24
Wasn't there a thread on these boards somewhere with lots of Chun Li pictures?
5 years ago#25

Sorry guys, i know its a long link. but trust me, it's worth it. HOT!
5 years ago#26

From: RixMaadi | #019
SonicFlashGuile posted...
Mai Shirunai > Chun-Li

And this proves it:


Only took 19 posts.
I betted on 20.

his comparison suggests we're closet african americans.
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5 years ago#27
Nothing tops the 1st Lady: http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=chun%20li&order=9&offset=144#/d279gv9
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5 years ago#28
The Chun Li pose during Kikosho was purposely made that way to make you feel like you wanna go doggy her now lol.
5 years ago#29
ZaruMega7 posted...
DarkKirby2500 posted...
Her MvC 3 design is definitely pretty good.

Her SF4 design is... huge larger then most of the muscular men in the game giant bumpy muscularly legs and a boxy face and giant manly hands.

The SF Characters' MvC3 designs are amazing and beautiful.

Their SF4 designs look like mutated rubber monkey-subhuman hybrids.

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5 years ago#30
Am I seriously the only person who thinks Chun Li's Alpha 2 outfit is FAR better than her original outfit?
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