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5 years ago#1
I have beaten all Dante's missions. Except for 9 (I know 10 was annoying but I did it). However, I cant find the timing to call ryu and then continuing the combo. I got lucky once on the time, however, I also messed during the pressing S after reverb shock. Does anyone know when you have to hit S exacyly after revern shock? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
5 years ago#2
Just mash the ever-living crap out of S after Reverb Shock and pray it works. The timing is too strict to land that move with any consistency.
That mission is complete and utter nonsense, lol. You'll probably never use Crazy Dance, and you certainly won't be following it up with a Snap-back.

Oh, and you wanna start Rain Storm around the same time you call Ryu, then keep tapping H until he picks them up; that's when you cancel into Hammer.
5 years ago#3
thanks man. i did it. It wasn't so hard after you figure out that the trick to this mission is pressing H until ryu comes in and hits deadpool. Then its time for hammer. Finally, after reverb shock, I was pressing R2 like a maniac in the final moments. I finished all the 10 missions. However, I think doing 480 missions is truly messed up. I beaten dante's, trish and weskers missions. Characters like Ryu (which I love but can't master him due to his back shoryuken motion) will give me hard time to finish all these missions. So far I have done 340 missions. The remaining ones are going to be difficult to beat!
5 years ago#4
Ugh tht mission was so frustrating. One time i finally gt crazy dance just to miss the snapback. So salty after that!
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